All actions may be punished by the administration team if considered harmful or gamebreaking. Even if they aren't in the server rules.

Please read before playing.

Rule 1.1

Do not hack or exploit in any way, or attempt to bypass a server rule.

Rule 1.2

Do not use macros that are possibly disruptive to server activity and server performance (things that cause chat spam, etc.)

Rule 2.1

Do not intentionally make the server lag.

Rule 4.1

Do not report someone for combat/war log or hacks without any evidence or else staff will ignore it.

Rule 4.2

Do not spam the chat. This includes discord channels and discord relay.

Rule 4.3

No towns allowed in a 10 chunk radius of any Agora. You will be warned and then if you fail to remove the town the town will be deleted.

Rule 2.2

Mob farms, Redstone farms which do not intentionally make the server lag can still be removed by admin decision.

Rule 5.1

Do not combat log or war log. (Logging off during combat or before war.)

Rule 3.1

Greifing is never allowed no matter the situation.

Rule 5.2

You need a cassus belli to declare war and post it in the #diplomacy chat in discord, any sieges declared without a cassus belli will be deleted.

Rule 3.2

Do not ruin the landscape of the map (Lava casting etc).

Rule 5.3

Cheat clients, macro keys and other modifications which give the player gameplay leverage over other players are not allowed. Exceptions are Optifine, Voxelmap, and Badlion.

Rule 3.3

Don't build shit that obviously doesn't fit dandanken fuck you and your dumb gay prismarine pyramid.

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